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It’s a place of clients’ fact-finding experience where you are able to obtain bookkeeping and accounting information requirements for your business.


Lack of cash is the leading cause of failure of small businesses driven by cash flow problems. Cash flow can be properly managed through proper and adequate bookkeeping systems and practices. Without reconciling accounting books, a business owner has nothing worth looking at. To be successful and be profitable, clients need an accurate financial picture of their businesses. Bad data can be worse than no data at all.


Little attention may be paid to cash flow management, profitability monitoring, pricing strategy, budgeting and forecasting, etc. Adequate bookkeeping will offer a platform for all other business processes to take place efficiently and effectively.


The necessity for professional bookkeepers to prepare financial information is prevalent and will help grow your business. Focus on growing those ‘value added’ activities. There are profits to be made by changing focus from tax accounting to focussing on the anatomy of your business.


There is a need to focus on what makes your business successful and to source both the transactional and advisory services to bookkeeping and accounting professionals. This cultural shift in perspective will generate profits that will more than pay for the extra cost of bookkeeping service sought. Using a bookkeeping service saves the business money as the bookkeeper’s practice makes the accountant’s job cheaper at the end of the financial year if the bookkeeping exercise has been done professionally.

KOP Bookkeeping Solutions is a client-centred practice specialising in bookkeeping and accounting solutions to micro businesses, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) such as sole traders and partnership organisations.


KOP Bookkeeping Solutions aims to providing its bookkeeping advice and solutions to the business clients operating across south London areas.


The owner Peter Omaiso, MIAB is an independent professional who can help and guide you in bookkeeping requirements and solutions to ensure that all procedures and practices are correctly and consistently being applied to facilitate the healthy growth and success of your business enterprise.


Peter has a particular interest in bookkeeping and accounting functions because he believes that bookkeepers are the foundation on which all other accounting services are based. Bookkeeping service captures the financial details that a business client may leave out but are necessary in reporting accurate financial picture of their business.


Peter worked for 19 years in the National Health Service (NHS) in accounting and finance function as Accounts Officer. He is currently pursuing a BA (Hons) Business Studies (Accounting) with the Open University. He is a Member (MIAB) of the International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB).

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